The ‘tyranny of merit’ in Malaysian education

At first glance, the word ‘merit’ does not imply any form of tyrannical bent. But according to Michael J. Sandel [1], the ‘tyranny of merit’ refers to a society that valorizes those who are highly educated and credentialed but stigmatizes those who lack these elements at their disposal. He also stated that merit isn’t solely […]

Bilik Multisensori mampu kembang minda murid berkeperluan khas (MBK)

Penggunaan kemahiran motor amat berkait rapat dengan integrasi sensori kanak-kanak. Menurut Mahfuzah Zainol (2017), aktiviti kemahiran motor kasar merupakan kemahiran yang perlu dikuasai kanak-kanak. Aktiviti ini memberi impak kepada kemahiran-kemahiran yang diperlukan dalam pembelajaran seperti kemahiran menulis, menumpukan perhatian, mengikut arahan, kemahiran sosial dan interaksi. Maka dengan itu, PPKI Sekolah Kebangsaan Serom 8 mengambil inisiatif […]

The Serendipitous Joy of Online Learning

I think of the time where I was in my Form 5 students class last year. It was an afternoon class, and we were supposed to do another trial examination paper from some states. Instead, we chose to watch “The White Tiger”, a newly-released Hindi movie on Netflix. I keenly observed some of my students […]

Tips Mengajar dengan Murid Berkeperluan Khas

Pengajaran subjek muzik kepada murid berkeperluan khas secara atas talian adalah sangat mencabar, tapi dalam masa yang sama, mampu memberi nilai yang besar dan mengujakan. Berikut adalah sedikit tips daripada saya tentang bagaimana mengajar muzik kepada murid berkeperluan khas dengan lebih berkesan. 1. Kenalpasti murid anda secara individu.  Kenalpasti latar belakang keluarga murid kita. Adakah […]

What is PISA?

“…while PISA does not make money for OECD, the product of PISA enables OECD to participate and eventually, become a key actor in education governance.” Every 3 years, talks on educational policies are magnified in the media as the vertical-positioned ranking table of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is released to much fanfare. […]

A brief introduction of neo-colonialism in education

“…the continued domination of the colonizer in a time of globalization.” Neocolonialism is practically colonialism through the backdoor, where former colonies continue to depend on colonial masters in terms of political, economic, cultural, as well as psychological dependence. The term neo-colonialism was first coined by Kwame Nkrumah, who was Ghana’s first president, through his book […]

Malaysia’s education: The sinking titanic

“This is fine” If you’ve watched Titanic before, you’d remember the scene where a group of violinists played their tunes as Titanic sank. They played with the intention to calm panicking passengers, basically ignoring their impending deaths. They knew the ship was sinking, they were aware of all the chaos, the hysteria – but chose to […]

Supporting Young Voices & Emerging Leaders in the Digital Age – How Teachers Can Play a Role

Co-written by Auzellea Kristin Mozihim (Co-founder of Edufication) and Cynthia C. James (Co-founder of Going Digital ELT).  HOTS and shaping future leaders As the #MakeSchoolASaferPlace movement has garnered national attention, the person behind the movement, Ain Husniza, the 17-year-old activist, has mentioned about some teachers undermining her response to call out on a teacher for […]


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